A Devised Stage Play by Michele Wells

a DEVISED play

HEARTBEAT is a single narrative woven from the true stories of police officers and formerly incarcerated persons in Richmond, CA.



Healing Police Officers & Formerly Incarcerated Persons with Theater

Combining the true stories and experiences of formerly incarcerated men and police officers, HeartBEAT allows formerly incarcerated persons and police officers to tell their own story from their own perspective.
While Nigel and his girlfriend, Madison, prepare for Muhammad’s return from prison, Brian, Nigel’s best friend and, a new African American police officer for the Richmond Police Department, is conflicted. He will have to choose: friends who hate the police or a career on the force. Brian struggles to keep his new job a secret while Nigel keeps a secret of his own from Madison: he is the reason that Muhammad was incarcerated to begin with.
HEARTBEAT challenges what we think we know about police officers, formerly incarcerated men and the role of artists in our community.


The performances will be held in spaces where violent death has occurred and the performances themselves will transform those spaces by giving them a new meaning — they will become spaces for conversations about gun violence in Richmond.

HeartBEAT is a single narrative woven from the true stories of Richmond’s own police officers, formerly incarcerated and homeless persons who have participated in Theater for Humanity.

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