We make theater with a purpose.

Purpose Driven Theater & Performance

We produce theater for four primary reasons



Our plays focus on American history and preserving the history of African Americans.


ACCURATE REPRESENTATION & the role of the media

Media has the power to impact our behavior. Knowing this, we use images to transform our understanding of ourselves and impact the transformation of our community.


RESTORING THEATER & the performer

In Ancient African societies theater played a vital social role. We elevate the performing artist in our company and seek to reestablish African-centered values in our work.



In examining the past, our goal is to understand the historical roots of today’s issues so that we can use theater to address those lived histories.

Our plays aim to accurately represent African American history on stage.


Our plays will educate our audiences on American history from an African American perspective.

Our educational system is fearful of exploring the history of slavery stemming from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The acceptance, acknowledgement, analysis and understanding of this history is a precondition for the healing, formation and longevity of the African American community. At Run On Productions, we do this work in the theater.


Media is powerful. It influences both our behaviour as a society and how we relate to one another within the African American community. Our stories educate and interrogate without compromising entertainment. 

creating characters of African descent

Depictions of African Americans in media are crafted and presented by and for the dominant American perspective which has its roots in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. This history has defined the creation of black characters in popular media. The roles ascribed to black people tend to reflect the history of servitude and ownership of black bodies that defined our existence for hundreds of years. 

african traditions

We look to the original purpose of theater as it was on the African continent. We trace the roots of theater to the Pyramid Texts, the Abydos Passion Plays and we study the ancient theater traditions from Mali to South Africa to understand the role of theater as it was originally intended.



Living with purpose means living with intention so you can proactively design your artistic life and career. It means you can make plans and identify what actions you need to take because you are aware of the contribution that only you can make to the world.



You were created for greatness. Artists who live with purpose do not spend their lives doing things that they were not created for. Once you know your purpose you will understand your unique design and you will have the information that you need to live without regret.



Purpose driven artists are confident. You will hear the thoughts and opinions of family, friends, media and popular culture but ultimately you will decide if they are in line with your purpose. Living with purpose means living on your own terms. You are directed from within.



With a clear purpose you can create a purpose driven artistic vision. Once you know it, your purpose will be like a compass in that it will be your essential, reliable, unshakable core helping you to determine the direction you should take in any given moment.


Not all impact is created equal because a person can have an impact that is not  purpose-driven. Artist’s evaluate the nature of their impact. Purpose driven impact reflects four qualities: change, truth, harmony and peace.